Global Green aims in helping put in place an environmental protection regime in Pakistan and South Asia that would not only create awareness on the general environment and the need to protect it, but also motivate the regions States, organizations, societies, bodies, and individuals to help preserve the environment and regularly plant trees. It additionally aims to help protect environmental rights in courts of law, and help lawmakers/parliamentarians in creating and drafting laws on the environment at the federal and provincial level. Before its official registration in 2007, Global Green operated incognito since 2004 with the aim of learning/training on field for its founding members. One such founding member, the Organization's very able first General Secretary, Mr. Muhammad Ali Abbasi, Advocate, unfortunately, has left the world. This initial period proved to be very essential for the handful of lawyers that had embarked on plantation projects, not their forte at the time. However, things are now completely different as members are well experienced with a great number of plantation drives behind them. Experienced and motivated individuals have also joined the efforts all over the country.

The Organization has seen great success in these efforts and difficulties as well. However, the experience within Pakistan has been one of ready and willing acceptance by most in bureaucracy and within political circles. The experience with the Baluchistan Government, in 2014-2015, however, has been a sorry affair.

Global Green specifically aims at creating awareness about the environment at the school level since younger impressionable minds will learn lessons in all seriousness and be the ambassadors of change that the deteriorating international environment so desperately needs to help it correct the slide in weather patterns and global warming. Towards this end Global Green has drafted a plan of awareness material to regularly be made available to all school going children from the classes 1 to 10, starting from the towns of the Baluchistan coast, and extending into the regions of Multan/Vehari, and finally ending in Swat, Chitral and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Global Green helped create and assist in whetting environmental bills and Acts for the National Assembly of Pakistan, and has provided ideas on plantation plans to provincial governments. Presently the Organization is engaged in talks with the Federal Government in Islamabad in the hope of creating a doable and thorough plantation plan for the entire country. It is also focussing on institutions, the private sector, schools, offices, railway stations, etc.

The Organization is also engaged in promoting the use of eco-friendly technology., in using only renewable resources, including energy resources., in also lessening the reliance on these resources., in switching to solar, wind and wave energy to the optimum., and in drastically reducing pollutants and emissions into the environment and the atmosphere. It is hoped that international organizations will increase efforts with local NGOs in the region to protect the environment.

With limited resources Global Green has had a multiplier effect through awareness programs, social interaction with potential environmentalists and with general activists. Seminars, meetings and fund-raisers will be central to the Organization's objectives in the coming years as awareness will grow and funds will be required for expanding projects of which there are possibly no limits. The Organization's growing number of projects and reach make funding from external sources imperative. So far Global Green has operated mostly from member funding, with a small percentage coming from non-member sources.

The Organization also welcomes volunteers to help in its projects. There are no restrictions in the number that may join or in the projects volunteers may want to be part of.

" Global Green is planning to expand in the region in the coming months hoping to be a truly international effort in issues on the environment. We have helped in legislation in the country and provide motivation to Governments, Federal or Provincial, to plant trees, restrict logging, and create licence conditions for loggers-like planting 10 trees for every 1 tree allowed to be logged. We are also pressing Government and Local Government at the lowest level, to get employees, school children, the private sector, semi-Government organizations, etc. to plant trees on a large scale to battle deforestation, soil-erosion, flooding and global warming.

Green energy, green cities, offices and schools, and sustainable and renewable resources are a major focus of the Organization. Our consultants have been providing most effective directions, focus, and advice here.

The greatest effort, however, for Global Green has been the provision of fruit trees and saplings to households to increase the dietary intake of the poor. In tandem with this is the focus on growing Village-Forests everywhere.

Global Green not only campaigns for a more secure environment but also provides legal assistance through resort to Courts of Law for protecting environmental rights at all levels. "