Proposals, Projects & Projections


Global Green has two foremost priorities in its operations within Pakistan. These are fruit-tree plants for poor households and regions, and, environmental awareness programs for school going children.

Other, equally important priorities and plans are: general aforestation, reforestation, village forestry, ban on logging of primeval forests, environment protection road maps, individual motivation, documentaries on the environment, help with legislation on the environment, public interest litigation aimed at protecting the environment, estsblishment of plant/sapling nurseries, popularization and provision of alternate and safe energy generating tools and equipment, e.g. solar energy systems and solar packs, and provision of aquaponics systems.


Global Green has the following projects at hand, as well as other proposals presently in the development stage:

A. Development of a large nursery in Karachi, able to supply saplings to the city's suburbs, as well as to feed the present plantation drives of the coastal towns of Baluchistan. Presently there is one nursery catering to plantation drives. Fruit saplings are also purchased regularly from local nurseries for planting seasons.

B. Development of a large nursery along the Baluchistan coast, geared to take care of all future plantation needs of the entire Baluchistan coast, right up to Gwadur and Jivani near the Iranian border.

C. Development of a small nursery in the Naval base at Ormara targeting plantation in and around the naval base as well as the vicinity. This would act as a supplemental sapling-provider to plantation drives in and around Ormara.

D. School Environment Awareness Program for all the school going children on the entire Baluchistan coast covering each and every school, 2015-2017.

E. Monsoon plantation drives, for the regions of Karachi, Multan, Ormara, Swat, 2015.

F. Development of a large Northern Nursery in Mingora, Swat, supplying saplings to the entire northern region including Chitral, Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir and Swat itself.

G. School Environment Awareness program for the Multan/Vehari region and adjoining towns and cities.

H. School Environment Awareness program for all school going children in Chitral, and the 3 Kalash valleys of Bhumburet, Birir and Rumbur, 2015-2017.

I. Spring Plantation drive in Swat, Kalash (Chitral) and Gilgit city, 2016.

J. Limited Monsoon/Spring Plantation drive, Tharparkar (water-pump areas), 2015-2016.

M. Spring School Environment Awareness Program, Mingora and Lodur Sharif, Swat, 2016.