Need to preserve, and replant lost, rain forests.

1. More than 50% of the world's plant and animal species are found in rainforests.

2. Just the Amazon jungles release 20 billion tonnes of moisture every day, travelling to water crops thousands of miles away.

3. Deforestation releases more carbon dioxide ( CO2) into the atmosphere than all the cars, planes and ships put together.

4. Healthy forests absorb up to 10% of man's carbon emissions each year.

5. More than 50% of deforestation in Africa is carried out by poor farmers practising subsistence agriculture.

6. Farmers in Brazil earn $3000 per hectare by clearjng forest and growing soybeans for export.

7. 15 million hectares of tropical forests are lost every year. At this rate in 45 years there will be none left.

8. It is estimated that about $50 billion will be needed over the next 5 years to tackle the problem.

9. The rapid destruction of rainforests will destroy the climate, water resources, the food chain and the natural environment systems within 25 years.

10. Consumerism and a consumption society are the REAL cause of this destruction coupled with apathy for the future.

11. 60% of deforestation occurs in South America, whereas it possesses 48% of the world's rainforests. 543 million hectares.

12. 34% of deforestation occurs in Asia, whereas it possesses 37% of the world's rainforests. 170 million hectares.

13. 6% of deforestation occurs in Africa, whereas it possesses 15% of the world's rainforests. 412 million hectares.

14. Countries emitting most of the greenhouse gases are under obligation to foot the bill commensurate to the percentage of their environmental damaging activity since they began emitting activity, as the effect of these gases are global, not confined to the weather of the emitting countries.

15. A Global Rainforest Action Plan needs to be on the table right away!

16. Climate change is the greatest threat faced by mankind, begond even the threat of nuclear war, or countries continuously engaging in warfare, e.g.the United States of America, which is responsible for decimating entire countries and societies on manufactured false grounds.

17. A global ban needs to be placed against all deforestation and logging everywhere perpetually, and reforestation started in the rainforests as well as in all previous forested lands and mountains. Entire societies need to be motivated to plant.

18. Every individual of the world must be made to set and act upon a target of planting and nurturing 10 trees every year for as long as they live.

19. This is the early 2000's breakup of what contributes how much to greenhouse gas emissions:

A. Energy Supply 26%.

B. Industry 19.4%.

C. Deforestation 17.5%.

D. Agriculture 13.5%.

E. Transport 13.1%.

F. Residential & Commercial Buildings 8%.

G. Others 2.5%.

20. Rainforests act as carbon stores. Approximately 100-300 tonnes carbon in the form of trunks, branches and leaves are found in every hectare of forested land. The roots below ground store another 40 tonnes. And the soil holds even more. Carbon needs to be put back in the soil.