1. Temperatures will rise beyond bearable levels, making life extremely unbearable, killing entire species of animals.

2. Sea levels will rise, flooding many cities, low country sides and coastal areas, causing damage and loss in the trillions of dollars worldwide.

3. Droughts will turn agricultural lands and areas into deserts, depriving people of food.

4. Floodings too will destroy agricultural production, by drowning standing crops as already being witnessed in many countries of the world.

5. Violent storms will become more frequent, disturbing weather patterns all over the world, jeopardizing life schedules.

6. Millions of people, even animals, will migrate to temperate areas, disturbing the ecology of even these places, with the threat of conflict and wars breaking out as a result of attempts to stop them.

7. Livestocks will die in countless regions.

8. Water stocks may evaporate from the warmer areas of the globe, killing countless of thirst.

9. Air pollution will lead to respiratory disease and death. Unhealthy atmospheres will be the leading cause of illness in the world.

10. Jobs, lifestyles, housings, even very living, everywhere, will have to be given up. It will be a completely different world, a drastic tormenting life, a life that will be very short-lived.

11. Wars may be waged to capture water resources, spreading anarchy all over.

12. In short, catastrophe looms over mankind.

To reverse global warming we need to immediately come on one page globally and make united efforts, cut down greenhouse gases drastically, ban all logging and deforestation immediately, and plant trees by the billions regularly. The present style of global consumptiin and destruction of resources is not sustainable beyond 20 years from now.