Global Green is based in the 4 provinces of Pakistan as well as in Gilgit-Baltistan, an administrative unit with the status of a province. Its offices are located in the following cities:

1. KARACHI. The Head Office at Karachi covers the Province of Sindh from this financial capital of Pakistan, as well as the entire operations of the Organization within Pakistan. It is the seat of the current Chairman, Mr. Younus Shad, advocate, as well as of its Chief Organizer and founding Chairman, Walid Ansari, advocate. The Provincial head is Vice Chairman Mr. Abdul Rasheed Shaban, advocate. Tel. No. 0345-2025157, 0334-3417671.

2. ORMARA. Ormara, located on the coast of Baluchistan, is the Provincial Head Office and was chosen to oversee plantation on the entire coast of Baluchistan Province. The Provincial head, M. Aslam Keeria Bizenjo, is a Central Vice Chairman. The rest of the Province, being restive, was not marked for plantation by the Organization unless some partnership could be arranged with the Provincial Government, which at present is reluctant for a varied number of reasons. Ormara lies at the center of the coast and has a naval base which has shown great interest in coastal plantation. The Organization is chalking out a plan to partner with naval authorities. Presently the Organization is planting on the coast on its own for the last 3 years, concentrating on the Ormara vicinity, and is moving ahead to plant in 3 other coastal towns in the monsoon season beginning July 2015, and beyond. Tel. 0344-2997939, 0341-2430720.

3. MULTAN. The ancient city of Multan serves as the Provincial Head Quarters for the province of Punjab. Multan was chosen for the provincial seat because it is an arid region in need of much plantation. Global Green has been planting here for a number of years. The province is headed by Vice Chairman Muhammad Arshad Bhatti, 0300-6307527, whereas the entire operations of the Province are carried out under the guidance of Senior Vice Chairman Syed Lal Shah Gillani, Advocate. Tel. 0300-6365427.

4. MINGORA. Mingora is the biggest city in Swat, and sits with the twin city and capital of Swat, Saidu Sharif. The Swat valley was once covered with lush forests and was famous for its beauty, that status having been lost to the timber mafia that operates in the area in league with corrupt government officials, reducing most of the valley to barren and over populated hills. Global Green, in partnership, and through awareness programs, is striving to reverse that situation, and make Swat a popular tourist destination again. The Provincial head of KPK, Syed Khadim Shah, is based in Mingora, overseeing plantation and awareness campaigns and programs. Tel. 0335-9647217, 0345-9519425. Mr.Fazal Rahman is the Chief Organizer for the Province as well as for G-B. Tel: 0315-5740624, 0300-5740624.Mr.GulrangShah03335591476.

5. GILGIT. The administrative capital of the Gilgit-Baltistan region on the northern most part of Pakistan, Gilgit hosts the Karakorum Highway, famously known as the KKH, as well as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, that ends at the coastal town of Gwadur on the Baluchistan coast. The Gilgit region is in need of massive plantation and environmental protection as the area is environmentally sensitive. The Organization planted here initially for about three years, and has now chalked out a comprehensive fruit-tree plantation and environment awareness campaign. The administrative Head Office in the region is located in the city and headed by Chief Organizer, Mr. Fazal Rahman. Tel. 0315-5740624, 0300-5740624.

GLOBAL GREEN is headed by a Chairman/Chairwoman., an organizational incharge, the General Secretary., a projects incharge, the Chief Organizers., and provincial heads, being Vice Chairmen. Other officers are regional and district office bearers, responsible for identification and execution of plantation requirements, environmental matters, awareness, and protection campaigns and efforts, of their regions/areas, reporting to the provincial Vice Chairmen.