1. Mr. Younus Shad, advocate. Chairman.

ChairmanMr. Younus Shad is a prominent lawyer of Karachi, coming from one of its biggest law firms. Apart from his degree in Law, he holds a Master's degree from the University of Karachi in 1980, and has been active in the country's politics since university days. Mr Shad is highly respected as a straight-speaking, honest and effective social change-maker with clear ideas and views. He has vast legal experience, is popular in political circles of Sindh and Baluchistan, and is an office-bearer of a national party of the country. He has led many movements for democratic and human rights in Pakistan since 1970, and has contributed greatly to the struggle for equality at all levels within the country. His name needs no introduction in legal and political circles. Peace-making has been the crown of his career spanning 35 years. Mr. Shad helped found Global Green in 2004, and has since been active in its activities. He has been its Chairman now for the last 2 years. He spear-headed efforts at plantation on the Baluchistan coast, where there is now a focussed and integrated effort--in the implentation stage--of regular plantation on the entire coast. Along with the plantation effort there are environmental awareness programs for all school-going children in every school on the coast. It is expected that the students of the Baluchistan coast are going to be the most environmentally aware in the entire country, no small feat. He made concerted efforts to get the Baluchistan Government to initiate a plantation drive in the Province of Baluchistan in partnership with Global Green, to plant 30 million trees all over the Province. Sadly that effort failed despite the fact that resources for the project were to be generated from international sources imposing no burden upon the Provincial Government. Global Green has therefore launched its own drive to plant in concert with motivational efforts, a reduced though large number, of 25 million trees over an extended period. At present Mr. Younus Shad is engaging Karachi's local government in coordinated plantation drives in the city of Karachi and its vicinity.

2. Mr. Syed Ghulam Khan, advocate. General Secretary.

Syed Ghulam Khan has also been an activist since student days in Karachi and is also an important office-bearer of the Legal forum of one of the country's major political parties. He is also one of the founding members of the Organization and was the one to suggest its name, which was put to the vote and adopted unanimously. Mr. Khan has been one of the most active members of the Organization and is always busy planning plantation drives, suggesting new places and ideas regularly. He has been a driving spirit, which role he continues to play even to this day, never losing hope, and not letting anyone else lose hope, always optimistic and positive to the core. He was the first to plant a tree on behalf of Global Green and is still, its guiding spirit. The focus and energy of the Organization would not have been possible without him. Mr. Khan did his Degree in Law from the University of Karachi in 1979. Many of his colleagues and friends have since been elevated as judges right up to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Mr. Khan hails from the KPK Province but has been settled in Karachi. Mr. Khan has always been a social worker and has always engaged himself in social upliftment causes and for the independence of the country's judicial system which at times felt threatened under spates of martial law experienced by the country.

3. Mr. Walid Ansari, advocate. Chief Organizer.

Mr. Walid Ansari, one of the founding members of Global Green, has been practicing law at the High Court of Sindh since 1982, beginning his career from the fore most law firm of the country, based in Karachi. He was also a student activist since 1970 and contested for the post of President of the students union of Karachi University in 1979 during the period of martial law in the country. He holds a Masters Degree in International Relations as well as a Masters Degree in Economics from there, has done an intern program at the United Nations Secretariat, is Chairman of the Forum for Justice and Development, a think tank in Pakistan, and has been active in environmental causes in Pakistan on behalf of Global Green. Mr. Ansari was appointed the Deputy Attorney-General for Pakistan by the Attorney-General in June of 2014 yet continued to actively take part in Global Green's efforts. Since relinquishing that post he was elected its Chief Organizer given his wide contacts all over the country and his ability to organize and coordinate programs in other parts of the land. He is leading the efforts at opening chapters of the Organization in other countries. Apart from hosting the Head Office of the Organization at his premises, Mr. Ansari also operates a mini nursery from his own house, adding to the efforts of the Organization in distributing free saplings. He was the first Chairman of Global Green.

4. Mr. Arshad Bhatti, Vice-Chairman Punjab.

Mr. Bhatti has been associated with Global Green since 2008 and is administrative head of the Province, based in Multan. The regional office of the Organization has all along been in the city as it lies in the arid southern region of the Punjab, the focus of the Organization's plantation drives. Mr. Bhatti is a businessman by profession visiting many cities in connection with his work. He has been a driving spirit and is always planning awareness events in the Province, as well as identifying areas and institutions, especially education ones, to plant saplings. He has been coordinating efforts with the Senior Vice-Chairman Punjab, of the Organization, who oversees all projects and determines their viability/successful completion. Mr. Bhatti regularly visits Karachi to coordinate efforts between the HO and the Regional Office. He is regularly seen arranging fund-raising efforts and bearing upon corporations and individuals to sponsor plantation campaigns and bring awareness all around. Mr. Bhatti is instrumental in forming the Organization's nursery in Multan and is presently making efforts to establish a bigger one in the city.

5. Mr. Fazal Rahman, Chief Organizer, KPK &GB.

Mr. Fazal Rahman is a prominent businessman of Swat associated with the jewelry and gem trade and has been with Global Green for a number of years. He brings with himself a rich back ground of struggles for the rights of Swat and its people having been one of the central leaders of a local party. After the spate of militant activity in the area and military intrvention to eliminate it, he has now directed his efforts towards his business and towards Global Green's efforts on the environment. He is planning next Spring and Monsoon plantation campaigns which are expected to be the biggest campaigns to date of the Organization. He is coordinating these campaigns with School Awareness Programs in both the KPK and Gilgit-Baltistan. He was previously Vice-Chairman of GB, before being elected the Chief Organizer now of two entire regions. He sponsors both regional offices at his premises in Mingora and Gilgit city. He is planning a new nursery in Gilgit that could cater to growing plantation demands in the region. Mr. Rahman is singularly responsible for combining both KPK and GB regions in a unified operational region. He now coordinates efforts with the Vice-Chairman, KPK, Mr. Syed Gulrang.

6. Mr. Syed Khadim Shah, Senior Vice-Chairman, KPK.

Mr. Shah was initially head of the Province of the KPK and is now responsible for provincial campaign viability in coordination with head quarters at Karachi. He is a local businessman and has been with Global Green for a number of years. His style and methodology have earned him the friendship of many in the Province and he continues to be a guide to environmental efforts in KPK. He runs a hotel in Mingora and is busy even otherwise in helping individuals and groups with problems and difficulties in city and village affairs. He has been requested by the Organization to plan a plantation campaign in his ancestral area of Ganshall, north of the old historical Silk Route which region was also not spared by the timber mafia. He has estimated that more than 80% of Swat's forests have been cut down in a spate of 40 years which is now having a devastating effect upon the region's climate, increasing warming and decreasing rainfalls by the year. He has been bearing upon local government to rapidly increase efforts at reforestation all over Swat, once a fascinating valley that even home to countless Europeans settled here indefinitely.

7. Mr. Syed Gulrang, Vice-Chairman, KPK.

Mr. Gulrang was in coordination with Global Green in 2011-2012 during the war on terrorism and was central in planting trees during turmoil, planting and distributing 45,000 saplings in the regions of Mingora city and Lodur Sharif in Swat. These efforts were coordinated with Syed Sikander Shah, the very able first Vice-Chairman of KPK and founding member of Global Green, who had obtained the said saplings despite having been kidnapped and tortured by terrorists for his efforts in ensuring a peaceful and beautiful Swat Valley, and who escaped with another kidnapee during a lucky military raid on his kidnappers. Mr. Syed Sikander Shah remains no more having left this world for his eternal abode. However, his efforts during war are indeed commendable and shall long be remembered. However, his cousin, Mr. Gulrang has been active in environmental affairs, especially in plantation in his region since many years before joining Global Green this year. He was elected the Provincial Head in August, 2015, after the sitting Vice-Chairman became Senior Vice-Chairman.