Global Green was established in 2004 by a group of mostly lawyers interested in the preservation of the environment in Pakistan and the region, even beyond. Of immediate concern was the wanton complicit destruction of the natural environment and the apathy visible everywhere. This was understood to be the result of meagre education coupled with a shortage of healthy economic activity in the country. The way to reverse the continued destruction was therefore, through reforestation/planting, through environmental awareness especially at the school level, through the imposition of limits to the emission of greenhouse gases, and through use of efo-friendly resources and products, especially solar, wave, wind and geothermal energies. This learning became the objective and focus of Global Green. Planting was not going to be simple and had to be part of awareness programs, and awareness programs were to include the use of eco-friendly resources and the non-use of environment-damaging chemicals and materials.

For 3 years the group planted trees in and around the city of Karachi, and registered Global Green in May of 2007. The NGO has now grown to be represented in all the provinces of Pakistan and in the administrative region of Gilgit-Baltistan. Global Green is focusing on planting mostly in areas where there is scant plantation and where trees have either been lost due to logging or used as fuel over the years. School awareness programs also target these areas in order to motivate youth on restoring lost greenery and the ecological balance.

Of significant importance to the Organization are plantation in the denuded mountainous regions of Pakistan, its arid regions of Tharparkar, the Thal, southern part of the Punjab province, as well as on Pakistan's coastline.

Global Green has also helped in parliamentary legislation and in protecting the environment through courts of law.

The Organization is now moving ahead and opening chapters in other countries in the region and around the globe, and welcomes support and membership by any and all willing to subscribe to the environment's aims and objectives.