School Environment Awareness Program

Global Green is engaged in creating awareness and concern on protecting the natural environment and motivating school children to be environmentally responsible citizens of the future. In this regard the Organization has produced written material on general environmental and scientific facts, sayings on the environment, why the environment needs to be protected, the benefits of trees and forests, and, how to plant trees and care for them. The Organization also engages in motivating school children to take the initiative on the environment, establish their own local organizations, groups, and committees, when they are old enough, to plant trees, help identify and look after trees already planted in their areas, and to generally help protect the environment through meetings, seminars, awareness drives, avoidance of pollution and polluting materials, and reporting of unprotected and unauthorized chemical use and contamination.

This written material is distributed to school going children, at school, of the age bracket of 7-15 years, in regions where such awareness is crucial given the great deterioration levels there. These mostly, are the coastal, arid and mountainous regions of Pakistan.

The Organization also encourages children to volunteer some time in plantation drives. Written material in both Urdu and English is available with the Organization at all times and may be requested from the Head Office for copying and distribution anywhere in the world.

As a pioneering first, Global Green is motivating all individuals anywhere and everywhere in the world, to plant 10 trees annually, for the rest of their lives. Do pass the message onwards. Our world depends upon you.